The Lalibela Restaurant in Kipseli Athens offers you a wonderful dining experience and offers you the delights of Ethiopian cuisine.

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Our Menu

With have a very rich and diverse menu that features a selection of tasty meat and vegetarian dishes, all freshly prepared.

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Our Events

We have a number of different events and happenings that take place throughout the year such as our yearly fashion show.

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Lalibela Restaurant - Athens

Lalibela Restaurant - Athens

Welcome to the Lalibela Restaurant in Athens, where you can enjoy a beautiful dining experience and sample some of the unique and magical tastes of Ethiopian cuisine.

The Lalibela Restaurant has been welcoming guests thought it's doors since 2000, and during that time we have introduced many people to the tastes and delights of Ethiopian cuisine.

We are open throughout the week and offer a wonderful selection of tasty cuisine that you can enjoy in our comfortable and relaxing restaurant in Kipseli. We have a number of events and happenings that take place throughout the year such as our annual fashion show.

Parking Facility for Guests
We cooperate with a local car park, which is located just around the corner from our restaurant at 24 Anafis Street, where you can find parking facilities at a reduced rate. ( view on map )

Home Delivery
As well as enjoying our great selection of tasty Ethiopian in our restaurant, you can now also have food delivered to your home of workplace.

Injera is a sourdough flatbread made by Teff flour. It is ideal for scooping up stews and sauces and that’s exactly how injera is used, as an eating utensil. And as a plate. Injera is the traditional accompaniment to Doro Wat, Ethiopia’s famous spicy chicken as well as many Ethiopian dishes.

A grain the size of a poppy seed that hails from Ethiopia, Teff is naturally high in minerals and protein and starts to take all over the world, for its healthy properties. “Teff is like a runner’s super food,” “It’s great as a pre-race meal. It’s high in iron and it’s a whole grain so it provides a slow release of energy, which is exactly what we need in our everyday's hectic program .”Teff has long been a dietary staple for Ethiopia’s legendary distance runners, like the Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Haile Gebrselassie, who called teff a secret to the success of Ethiopian runners. Endurance athletes like the grain because it’s naturally high in minerals. People who can’t tolerate gluten use teff as an alternative to wheat. And dietitians recommend teff as a way to introduce more whole grains into people's diets.